I have 3 different personalities.
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  • the one where I’m out-going and loud.
  • the one where I’m shy and quiet as fuck
  • the one where I hate everyone and every little thing bothers me.

read and relate ☮

Totally me! :D

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The little cub is super adorable & sooooooo cute! <3 ^_^

The little cub is super adorable & sooooooo cute! <3 ^_^

Anonymous asked "asharista18; you have been invited to PeepsPayer(.)com by one of your followers - where it's easy to make $ with your blog."
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No, it’s alright. I appreciate the offer, but I have no interest in making money with my blog. Thanks.

Anonymous asked "what does asharista18 mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?"
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Asharista is a name that I put together & I came to like it. 18 is my favorite number. Why do you ask? No, I do NOT make $$$ using peepspayerDOTcom.

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Why!?!?!?! I&#8217;m so jelly!! -_-

Why!?!?!?! I’m so jelly!! -_-

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Adorkable!! :D &lt;3

Adorkable!! :D <3

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Awesome!! This is my home!! Hehehe.. [:

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HOTNESS!! :D &lt;3


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I &lt;3 DBSK!! :D

I <3 DBSK!! :D

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LOL!! This is fuckin&#8217; HILARIOUS!! :D &lt;3&#160;

LOL!! This is fuckin’ HILARIOUS!! :D <3 

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